Say No to Smoking

E cig (electronic cigarette) is an electronic handheld device having tobacco smoking feel. If you are tobacco smoker, e cig is an option for you. E cig is small in size and clean which make it convenient to carry around. It has liquid which contain glycerine, propylene glycol and nicotine. Though nicotine is not contained in all e-cigarettes. Take yours today, it is easy to use. What you have to do is just heat a liquid to generate vapor (aerosol) which is then inhaled. 

What makes e cig the best option are:
1.No health problems are associated to it. E cig has no chemicals associated to processing. It has no throat, coughing or irritation like tobacco smoking. 
2.It is a cleaner alternative to tobacco
3.Not additive compared to tobacco smoking in that nicotine free e0-cig has no stimulus. 

If new to e cig, you can easily acquire kit which comes with battery, atomizer tank and a charger. This only requires adding of e-liquid. 

vape juice NZ is a product of vegetable glycerol, propylene glycol, and flavoring. It produces vapor on heating. In the mixture nicotine is ether present of not. Different produces have different ratios of substance to make liquid for electronic cigarettes, no industrial standard followed. There are many brands of vape juice depending on the flavor given which can be either dessert fruit flavor. 

Vape juice come in different size packages to care for all small and big budgets. If the client needs vape juice with nicotine, the client has to check on the composition giving the substances and quantity. Some vape juice have stronger nicotine content than others while other lack. 

Get yours for any function or event, make your friends enjoy. Juice make your day a successful one. Different juice have different effects, make the choice, understand the composition.