Aotearoa New Zealand at the World Summit Award 2015

Building the best and most creative global e-content network

The World Summit Award honours excellence in multimedia and e-Content creation. Forty outstanding projects, in eight categories, are selected globally. A special emphasis is placed on those projects which show the benefits of information and communication technology for the development of society at large. The Awards have been running since 2003 and New Zealand has always enjoyed a high profile.

The awards provide the opportunity to shift the focus from technology, networks and access issues to the actual applications and the resultant digital content, while increasing the visibility of the application projects to a global audience. The conceptual shift addressed in these awards for digital content to become available on a broader more inclusive scale is timely and very much in line with current thinking.

New Zealand has excelled every year. These successes go on to be shown around the world in the WSA global Road Show.

The eight categories are:

  • Government & Open Data
  • Health & Environment
  • Learning & Science
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle
  • Culture & Tourism
  • Media & News
  • Business & Commerce
  • Inclusion & Empowerment
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