Why the WSA network is important to Aotearoa New Zealand

Technologies develop rapidly but quality e-content and innovative applications often lag behind. These awards promote an international dialogue around how content industries change within a digital environment and what role information and communication technologies play in transforming the competitive landscape.

While post-industrial societies have tended to pay substantial amounts for equipment and gadgets, it appears they have invested far too little in content quality. But the importance of investing in the enhancement of e-content is now recognised globally.

Until recently New Zealand has relied heavily on its commodity base. However, it also recognises the need for alternative models for wealth creation. Innovative technology is playing an important role in this new approach and is best realised in a global and cooperative model. This will ensure the necessary economies of scale for viability in the global market.

The beauty of the WSA is the broad cross-sector approach to digital content. The WSA philosophy provides the perfect vehicle to encourage and demonstrate digital content in the fullest sense, over and beyond just the ICT environment.

The framework, with its inherent clarity and simplicity, as well as its focus on content, offers New Zealand exciting, different and ongoing opportunities to participate in a globalised economy.

New Zealand's future depends on the ideas/new media economy and all of the projects selected represent unique opportunities to underpin economic development for this region and demonstrate the 'clever thinking' that is occurring here.

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