Criteria for the award nominees
  • Quality and comprehensiveness of content
  • Ease of use: functionality, navigation and orientation
  • Value added through interactivity and multimedia
  • Quality of design (aesthetic value of graphics/music or sound)
  • Quality of craftsmanship (technical realisation)
  • Strategic importance for the global development of the Information Society
  • Accessiblity according to the W3C

Rules and Guidelines of the World Summit Award

  • The WSA is open to any company, organisation or individual in the content industry in any UN member state.
  • The only way to take part in the WSA is
    1. to be nominated by a national expert
    2. to be nominated by a National WSA Committee, established by a national expert
    3. to win at a national WSA pre-selection contest.
  • There is no limitation regarding the platforms or channels the projects work with.
  • All entries have to be real products. No drafts, demonstrations or unfinished projects can be accepted.
  • All submitted products must have been completed after January 1st 2009.
  • The same product cannot be submitted twice (i.e. submitted again).
  • The producer must own the copyright of all pictures, sounds, contents etc. related to the production of their project. All software used must be licensed.
  • The interface of the products can be in any of the United Nations official languages. All producer and project information must however be in English.
  • A product can only be submitted for one category. In case of multiple submissions by the same organisation, company or team, each product requires a separate registration.
  • None of the materials submitted will be returned. One copy/version of each product submitted will be kept in the WSA archive. No commercial use of this archive will be made.
  • Incomplete submissions and those not following the WSA guidelines will be withdrawn from the WSA selection process without notice. There is no way of challenging such a decision legally.
  • When submitting a project to the WSA Experts (and later Jury), participants automatically agree to the guidelines set out by the WSA team.
  • Submitting a product to the evaluation and selection process does by no means entitle a producer to any benefits. There is no way of challenging this decision legally.
  • All products to take part in the WSA selection process must be sent by mail by the producers / national experts / contest organisers to the WSA Office in Salzburg, Austria, and arrive no later than 31 January 2011. The WSA Office does neither pay for any mailing or transport costs nor for customs duty. All products must be mailed at the cost of the sender.
  • Entries in the WSA award have to respect in their contents and user interaction the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Submissions therefore which encourage war, the exercise of violence, fraud, racism or discrimination will not be accepted and eliminated from the jury process. Similarly, submissions which violate international copyright provisions will be excluded from the jury process.
  • The WSA Organizers have the right to reject submission / entry without providing any further reason. The WSA Organizers can not be held liable for accepting of submissions or their contents and rights.



  • Call for submissions NOW - 26 June 2015
  • Judging will take place in July and the eight New Zealand Submissions to the WSA global contest will be announced end of July 2015.


  • August 1st - Jury Round conducted as online Jury
  • September 16-19 - Grand Jury meeting and decision on the 40 WSA Winners | Baku, Azerbaijan
  • October 19 - 21 - WSA African Content Award Gala, Regional Award | Kigali, Rwanda
  • End of February 2016 - WSA Global Congress, Conference and exhibition | Singapore

DISCLAIMER: In NZ the WSA selection will be undertaken by the panel of specialists.

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