The New Zealand 2015 finalists were:
  • Figure.NZ (Government & Open Data) Figure.NZ (formerly Wiki New Zealand) is truly democratizing data. Figure.NZ takes the bold and unique stance that everyone can be a user of data, and that technology and systems should be designed to deliver to that standard. Figure.NZ has developed a platform to do this - it brings together and standardises data from the public sector, private sector and academia, and it provides it in formats that make it usable, fun and easy for everyone - from experienced users to children. Further information is available at: Figure.NZ

  • ARANZ Medical (Health & Environment)ARANZ Medical's 3D scanning and information systems gives a voice to patients suffering chronic wounds and amputations by bringing to light the true status of their wound healing progress and skin dimensions during assessment. Innovations include Silhouette, an FDA-approved electronic wound assessment system, and FastSCAN II, a 3D scanning system for orthotics and prosthetics. ARANZ Medical's mission is to use their skill in structured light technology and IT to equip researchers and clinicians alike with knowledge that will empower them to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide, including high risk groups such as diabetes sufferers and the elderly. Further information is available at:

  • Pond, from N4L (Network for Learning) (Learning & Science) N4L is being recognised for its innovative work in education by creating an active e-learning community for educators. Pond makes learning resources more accessible to the education community (especially those buried deep in archives or otherwise unavailable via public search engines); and fosters collaboration among educators, enabling them to have an impact beyond their school walls, so they can share their talents, best-practices, and resources with the wider

  • Nga Tapuwae Gallipoli (Culture & Tourism) The Nga Tapuwae Gallipoli app effectively uses modern technology to inform and enlighten travellers about New Zealand's participation in the Gallipoli campaign during the First World War. It is a multi-media interactive app that guides travellers to the actual locations where New Zealanders fought, while also being informative for those with a general interest in New Zealand's history at Gallipoli. Further information is available at:

  • Wipster (Business & Commerce) Wipster is a cloud-based SaaS application. The idea for Wipster was borne in 2013 when filmmaker Rollo Wenlock became increasingly frustrated with the fractured video review process. With a singular focus on creating a beautifully designed, intuitive video review and approval experience for anyone creating video, Wipster has carved out a niche in this emerging category. Reviews are accelerated by 65%, and what was once a tedious process becomes a streamlined workflow. Pinpoint commenting offers a fun and intuitive way to chat to each other about work-in-progress where it makes sense - right on top of the video.

  • AttitudeLive (Inclusion & Empowerment) In 2005 Attitude Pictures launched as a media company with the sole purpose of producing factual television content for and about people living with disabilities. The real life stories change attitudes towards disabled people and in turn promote inclusion. In eleven years of production Attitude has made over 400 documentaries and filmed in more than 25 countries. In 2013 it launched its web platform AttitudeLive as a way to share and distribute its library of content with the world and build connections for the disability community. Further information is available at: